Extending the Heart of the Home with Kitchen Remodelling

If you ever watch the myriad home improvement shows on TV, you’ll know the experts often suggest extending the kitchen. As the kitchen is the heart of the home, extending it can only be a good thing, which is why it is so often recommended.

Having the biggest possible kitchen possible will make the busiest room in your house more workable and more social, so if you’re contemplating a kitchen renovation and have the space available, don’t stop at just new units and appliances. Think about extending the heart of your home too!

What Types of Home can Benefit?

Kitchen smallIf space allows, all types of home can benefit from a kitchen extension, with any type of extension adding between 10% and 50% to your home’s value[i], depending on the size and finish, of course. However, certain types of home lend themselves to an extended kitchen better than others, as the finished extension will ‘balance’ the house.

For example, kitchen extensions on a 1930s semi or a two-up, two-down work particularly well, as they usually have small kitchens compared to the number of people who inhabit the house.

If you already live in such a house, or are thinking of buying a house where kitchen remodelling is required, consider extending as this will not only make the house more comfortable to live in, it will also make it more saleable too.

What’s the Best way to Extend your Kitchen?

Kitchen detailObviously any kitchen refurbishment is about making the space work better for you (and prettier, of course!) but if you opt for a kitchen extension, you can also incorporate all those little added extras you’ve always dreamt about too.

Always fancied a double oven or a range cooker? No problem if you make the extension big enough to incorporate this. Always dreamt of a utility room? Why not separate part of the extension off as a utility space? You could even add a downstairs cloakroom.

Of course, some of the best kitchen extensions are those that make the room more sociable, so a new kitchen-diner-family room is always attractive.

Whatever it is that you want from your dream kitchen, we are happy to quote to make those dreams a reality. We’ll do all the work, from drawing up the plans for the extension through to the final kitchen remodelling and fitting. Get in touch any time for a chat about your project.

[i] Statistics from Channel 4 website page, ’30 Ways to Improve your Home’, http://www.channel4.com/4homes/build-renovate/building-renovating-advice/30-ways-to-improve-your-home-08-07-17, last viewed 6th July 2014.

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