Kitchen Shades of Grey

Kitchens, like all interiors and rooms in the house, are subject to changing tastes and fashions. They can age gracefully, or terribly too if we’re honest, which is why many people go for a safer option when designing a new kitchen. Who wants to spend a fortune on a kitchen that looks great one month but badly dated the next? We certainly wouldn’t recommend any of our clients do that.

However, that’s not to say we don’t keep a close eye on interior trends – it’s a big part of our job and helps us give homeowners the service they want when we’re designing a new kitchen. One trend we’re loving, and we’re certain will stand the test of time, is the current popularity of grey kitchens.

50 Shades of Grey?

Pardon the pun but there really are many more than 50 to choose from when you’re choosing grey for a kitchen colour scheme. Mixing softer tones gives a neutral scheme that’s easy on the eye while going for darker shades creates a striking, contemporary look.

With some greys bordering on charcoal and black this is a look that will really turn heads. For kitchen units, opting for a lighter colour will give the scheme a longer life span as neutral colours are easier to live with in the long run.

Grey kitchen

Choosing darker shades for walls and woodwork is a great way of getting the look and embracing the grey kitchen trend without committing to expensive kitchen units. Lighter kitchen units in grey tones look fantastic with granite work tops and wood too and work well with stainless steel for a crisp look that’s warm and inviting, and bang on trend too.

Choosing Kitchen Units

When we design and fit kitchens we look at more than colour schemes and how long they will look fresh, we also look at the materials too. High gloss units, for example, are extremely popular; they create a sharp focus and are a great contrast with darker tones of grey and rustic wood. But for homes with pets or small active children they might not be practical as the gloss can scratch easily.

Here at Aspire Kitchens we look at the whole job, from colour schemes and suitable materials to expert fitting from trade professionals. Call us on 01932 781015 to chat through some ideas and to talk about the latest trend in grey kitchens!

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