Bringing Technology into Your Kitchen

Kitchen TechnologyThe use of the kitchen has changed from solely cooking and preparing food to being the hub of the home, the place where the whole family congregates. Kitchens today are fast becoming the most used living area in the home which means that modern kitchen design has altered dramatically to suit these new habits.

At Aspire Kitchens we design and build bespoke kitchens that are created around the individual needs of our clients. With so much emphasis on the kitchen being the heart of the home and the new technology that now engulfs all of family life, kitchen design has changed to accommodate these new uses.

Today’s Kitchens: What we Plan For

Aside from the usual appliances you would expect to find in a kitchen: a fridge, cooker, dish washer and freezer, we also ensure we plan around the use of other technology in the kitchen. These include:

Self-Cleaning and Regulating Ovens: Every cook’s dream! An oven that can regulate temperature, and clean itself when it’s finished.

Boiled Water on Tap: Filtered freshly boiled water at the touch of a button that saves time and energy.

All Sorts of Appliances: We always ensure there are plenty of power points for all your small appliances, from coffee makers to steamers and slow cookers. Oh, and to plug in your laptop!

Televisions: Most kitchens have a television fitted but today this requires not just a power or TV point, you’ll also need a satellite connection and an internet point for Smart viewing.

Music: Because much entertaining in the home is done in the kitchen / diner, having music is a must. WIFI for channelling tunes is a good design option. We can also incorporate hidden or feature speakers that connect to a home surround-sound system that can be centrally or remotely controlled.

Kitchen-Proof Cables: Cables for all this new technology in the kitchen are prone to damage from steam and heat. We can channel cables to not only protect them but to also provide a sleek, tidy finish.

Here at Aspire Kitchens we’re big on thinking ahead and working out how we can make a new kitchen really special. Take a look at some of our case studies and image galleries and if you’d like some technology related inspiration for your own kitchen project, give us a call.

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