The Chameleon Kitchen: How to Make Your Kitchen a Multifunctional Space

Kitchens have to work harder than ever nowadays. From the traditional food preparation space, to a family hangout and even, occasionally, enjoying dedicated areas for creativity and study, kitchens are many different things to different people.

You may think that your own kitchen doesn’t have the chameleon gene, and therefore can’t be anything other than a kitchen, but you’d be wrong. With a few clever suggestions and adjustments from us, a bespoke kitchen could be the multifunctional space you’re after.

Island Living

Kitchen smallThe modern day kitchen island is one of the biggest aspects of a multifunctional kitchen. As bespoke kitchen units go, islands can hold everything from a sink through to cooling units or even a cooker, meaning that they’re a great option for extra storage and appliance space if needed.

Many people are also opting for low level seating to be incorporated as part of their island unit nowadays to allow for socialising and to create an area for more informal meals to take place.

Shelf Life

Open shelving is a very modern option for the bespoke kitchen. Traditionally used to house and display ceramic wear and kitchen knick-knacks, many people are opting for the library look as part of their kitchen design today.

You’re likely to want to store your cookbooks primarily, of course, but we also think it’s a great way of promoting the kitchen as a study area, or sociable space. Gorgeous coffee table books aren’t just restricted to the coffee table, so why not opt to display some on open shelving as a talking point in your kitchen?

Zoning out 

IMG_4224Fiona's KitchenCustom kitchens really can be what homeowners’ dreams are made of, and zoning is one way to achieve the space you’re after. We encourage you to think about what your ideal kitchen would be used for, and then we’ll help to create a bespoke kitchen to achieve it.

Is your kitchen the place you run to when skies turn grey in the garden? If so, why not incorporate a mud room or utility area, whereby muddy boots can be kicked off and wellies discarded before they’re walked through the house?

Or are you an expert baker, being stifled by a lack of preparation area? A baking zone could be incorporated within your bespoke kitchen. Think about including a 30 – 33 inch high worktop – the perfect ergonomic height for bread kneading – as part of your baking zone, or a second oven just for your baked goods.

However you need your kitchen to work for you, custom kitchens are the ideal way to make the space multifunctional. With our expert recommendations and your imagination, the chameleon kitchen is closer than you think. Get in touch to discuss your project.

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