Kitchen Design: Combining the Old with the New

There are many positives to living in a period home: well-proportioned rooms and higher ceilings; interesting features such as wooden beams and picture rails as well as classic shaped windows and doors. These are features that most period homeowners would never change, but the kitchen is one room that lends itself well to modernisation.

Fiona's KitchenFor most households the kitchen is the heart of the home, and more time is believed to be spent in it than most other rooms. Modern kitchens are a must for most families but that’s not to say you have to sacrifice the charm of a character home by installing one.

With some careful planning and design, a modern kitchen can be installed sympathetically into a period property adding to its overall charm and increasing the usability of the room.

Get the Design and Materials Right

Kitchen smallThere really is no point in rushing the kitchen design process. Fitting a modern kitchen into a period property takes careful planning and design, as walls and floors in older houses tend to be uneven. Our experts take time to understand the needs of the household as well as the design and shape of the original kitchen, as we know this is the only way to guarantee the best results.

Old and New in Harmony for a Unique Kitchen

We advise mixing the new kitchen with the original features of the room. For example, sleek stainless steel or high gloss finished cupboard doors create interest and look contemporary against exposed brick or beams.

Kitchen detailIntriguing shapes in the kitchen, such as where an original kitchen range may have once been, could be used to make a feature out of worktops and shelves or a new, modern cooker. Old fireplaces also work well for new appliances or feature storage.

Wood for work tops or cupboard doors can work well to help the new and the old mix, as can natural flooring such as slate or stone.

Modern kitchen design does not have to be characterless or a mismatch with your home.  Thoughtful design, using the structure that’s already there, can really make it work.

Do you have a period home? Looking for modern kitchen inspiration that blends in perfectly? Contact Aspire Kitchens to book a free initial consultation and chat through some ideas.

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