Splashbacks – the New Star of the Show in Kitchen Design!

White and grey kitchens are bang on trend for 2014. But even the most dedicated interior designer will tell you that wall-to-wall white or grey will become tiresome after a while. You may love the ordered cleanliness during the honeymoon period, but after a while you’ll start to hanker after a bit of zing.

So step in the star of the show – the very thing that will splash colour on your grey (or white) – the feature splashback!

We’ve been looking around the internet for inspiration on splashbacks and have some interesting finds to report back. The key thing here is to add a bit of pizazz to a plain backdrop by introducing anything that counterbalances it.

Kitchen room interior with tile back splash trim

So that could be vibrant coloured glass (go for it with vivacious violet, dazzling pink or day-glow green), acrylic (solid red is so trendy and yellow is a real statement), exotic tiles in rich Mediterranean tones or with quirky patterns or even a nice great chunk of natural stone – you can get this in a range of shades and all sorts of finishes including lovely sparkly hues. You could also bring in a touch of nature with a bit of walnut or some other wood or veneered panel.

If you really love the feeling of cleanliness and sterility your pure white or all-grey kitchen brings then how about opting for a stainless steel or aluminium splashback? Still making a feature but more in-keeping with the clinical feel.

Modern kitchen

We’re loving everything we’re seeing splashback wise at the moment and we’re up for the challenge of creating something really special for our clients. So tell us what has got your imagination going and let’s see what we can do!

Dishware and green herbs on kitchen countertop

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