Designing a Kitchen to Entertain in

There’s a reason songs have been written about finding people in kitchens at parties! No matter how spacious a dining room, or how comfortable a living room, people will always congregate in the kitchen at a party, which is why your kitchen design is so important.

If you entertain regularly, certain specialist aspects can be incorporated within a bespoke kitchen to make entertaining not only easier, but fun.

Effortless Hosting Made Easy 

Young women in the kitchenIt’s simple to incorporate appliances into your new kitchen that make hosting easier. As part of our kitchen design service, we’ll talk about what works and what doesn’t work in your existing kitchen, and will get to know your lifestyle needs. We can then recommend ways to make entertaining easier, if this is something you indulge in regularly.

For example, have you considered specialist refrigeration units and warming drawers? These make it simpler as hosts, or as guests, to get to chilled drinks, and to keep food warm whilst you’re serving. A bespoke kitchen can incorporate something as simple as a double dishwasher to make entertaining – and the clearing up at the end of the night – easier.

Gather Together 

A truly sociable kitchen will have a space for everyone to congregate. It doesn’t matter if your kitchen is on the bijou side – people will gather in even the smallest of kitchens – but if you have got the space you may as well include somewhere for people to gather together.

An island unit is an excellent addition to any type of kitchen design, if space will allow. Consider installing a unit with a raised countertop, as the lower host’s side can act as the cooking unit, whilst your guests sit with a drink, or choose from a buffet, on the raised side.

If you can’t quite fit an island unit in, a breakfast bar, a sofa area or simply a dining table are just as good. Whichever way, with clever kitchen design, you’ll always find people in your kitchen at parties!

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